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Examine the Sewer Line in Your Chicagoland Home

Feb 10, 2022

The sewer line is probably the last part of your home that you are thinking of. For most people, and out of sight, out of mind mentality prevails. We understand how easy it is to ignore your sewer line, but that could be a costly mistake. Problems with the sewer pipes are expensive, inconvenient and consequential. At their worst, they can take all the plumbing in your home offline. Luckily, with a sewer video inspection, we can catch problems before they turn into disasters.

The technicians at SewerViewer work with sophisticated technology that can travel the length of your sewer line and deliver a constant video feed. It does not matter how dark, wet or dirty it is inside the line, the video feed comes through bright and clear. If there are looming problems on the horizon, our process can reveal them. Take this important step to care for your home by scheduling a sewer video inspection today!

Why do residential sewer lines go bad?

Over time the pipes corrode and break down
Tree roots affect the joints between pipe segments
Debris collects and creates obstructions
Construction damages the pipes
The line was not installed properly in the first place

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