Sewer Inspection

50 Years of Plumbing Experience

Feb 10, 2022

As a family-owned and operated business, SewerViewer works closely with each and every client to ensure their complete satisfaction. We are proud to provide you the exceptional sewer services you need at fair and honest prices.

When you call on us, we arrive in a prompt and timely manner, providing reliable services exactly when you need. We will inspect your sewer lines with our state-of-the-art video technology to first identify the problem. Once we have located the issue, we will then put our expert sewer rodding services to work!

Some of the main benefits of sewer rodding include:

  • Fast and accurate blockage or sludge removal
  • Affordable solution and easy process
  • Prevents costly future repair or replacement

Our team offers sewer rodding services for commercial properties and residential homes. We will make sure your sewer lines are cleared of any backup or debris that may be preventing proper drainage. If you would like to schedule regular rodding maintenance or have a serious sewer emergency, be sure to contact us right away at (773) 298-1825.